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We provide hourly companion and live-in services and senior care and elderly individuals. We strive to make life easier for you and your loved one with affordable and dependable care.

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Senior Care | Helping Hands For Seniors

Between 2010 and 2025, it is estimated that about 56,000 people will be 65 years old or older. The financial impact of families ...

In Home Care | Helping Hands For Seniors

It is perfectly understandable why you would want to give your elderly loved ones the best in home senior care services out...

Adult Care | Helping Hands For Seniors

In home adult care is now made available for people who need assistance in their day-to day living. Individuals...

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The day you came into this world changed a lot of things for your parents. Now that the roles are reversed, you are in control of your life while they are entering the twilight of their years. Today, it is your turn to take care of them.

The truth is, you can’t be there for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have a family that depends on you, a job to do and other needs to attend to. No matter how much you love your parents, you cannot put your life on hold and take care of them 24/7. But if sending them to a traditional nursing home or adult care home to receive senior care is out of the question, you are given a viable inhome care option through Helping Hands For Seniors.

We provide live-in and hourly companion services and senior care for elderly individuals as we strive to make life better for you and your loved one. We do this by offering affordable and dependable in home care to the elderly and their families. In order to improve the quality of life of seniors, we believe that they should be surrounded by the people that matter the most to them – family, friends, and neighbors

Our adult care services are outstanding. We help with daily household activities such as meal planning and preparation, medication reminders;, bill sorting and paying, exercise, bathing and dressing assistance, providing company when going to the church and theater, running errands and a lot more. We can also help with light housekeeping such as vacuuming and dusting, as well light ironing and laundry. With us, in home care is safe and non-complicated.

For superb senior care and adult care in Northridge, CA done in the comforts of home, get in touch with Helping Hands For Seniors. Call us today!